AAUSA Class Schedule revised

Dear members of Aikido Academy USA

As many of you aware, we have changed our venue of practice from Gradana Lodge in Alhambra, effective on March 16, 2015. We are now located at 278 S. Mission Drive in San Gabriel, California. I hope that this change is not inconvenient for most of you, and sincerely apologize if it does. Certain circumstances made the move unfortunately necessary.

I am glad, however, to announce certain benefits gained by this move, enabling us to significantly improve our programming. Primarily, we will be able to expand our potential days of training to the full 7 days. We are constantly exploring how best to take advantage of this opportunity, and will announce further changes as needed.

Beginning the week of April 13th, our revised schedule will be as follows:

Aikido Academy's class schedule

Francis Takahashi Shihan
7th Dan Dojo-cho