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The turtledove who wanted to be white

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The turtledove who wanted to be white

Postby Carina Rei » Tue Apr 08, 2014 10:32 am

A sunny spring morning a small pellet with gray feathers hit the white eggshell from inside with its beak, poked his head out and went out awkwardly giving great joy to his mother, who saw his first child. The nest was on top of a tree in the corner of a park overlooking a gym. The nest was an art work made of small sticks and pieces of thin wire and rope interlaced found in the soil of the environment so that its contents could be monitor from a distance. A few hours later the second egg broke and another chick appeared in the nest joining the first one to call, demanding food from their parents.

A couple of weeks later both turtledoves were practicing their first flight in the vicinity of the park and looking for seeds and crumbs on the street, acquiring skill in flying out at the last moment when a car was approaching.

One afternoon, the older turtledove, called Timotea, was sat on the tree branch near the nest where it was born and saw a pure white dove go by, what a beautiful color! wonderful, like an angel, Timotea looked at itself, its gray color with a black neck ring, why she looked such an ugly, tasteless, bland color... How or what could she do to become a creature so sublime, get that dirty color off and be white like that wonderful creature whose angelic flight had her left upset. Until now she had been happy, as happy as a turtledove that has sufficient food, pools of water for bathing and shelter in the tree that was its home, could be.

Since that day, the turtledove was sitting on that branch every evening, but no white dove reappeared, however she kept watching people go by, many of them carrying a bag and going into the gym which was next to the park. They wore clothes of all colors, some quite striking, others black or gray like her. An evening of those, in which something special can happen, she decided to get a little closer to the gym, she was curious to know what so many people where doing in that place, when she looked through the window, she saw some of the people dressed all in white, others had a white clothes on top and another black one below, but the people who were all white were the most she liked. Could Timotea do the same as those people did, take off her gray color and become a white dove ?

One had to keep watching to see what people were doing for the change, she went further and saw them running, jumping, falling and rising and heard them laugh, whatever they did, they were having a lot of fun, pity that Timotea could not be one of those people and dress all in white, take off this gray from the body.

She thought that maybe, if she imitated them, instead of flying, tried to run, jump, push her brother and make her brother to push her to fall and get up again, to see if doing so for a while she could achieve the miracle of become totally white. Her brother thought she had gone crazy, but he followed the game, whatever it was what Timotea pretended, he liked that game.

They spent a couple of weeks playing every afternoon and Timotea tried to imitate what the humans dressed in white did in the gym, the best she could, but she remained gray, she bathed several times a day, but it was still the same. Finally, she gave up and admitted that whatever she did, she would never become white, which made her very sad.

One morning when she was looking for crumbs in the park, she felt another pigeon close to her, she looked up to see who was accompanying her, there were enough crumbs for the two of them, so she did not mind sharing ...What a surprise! It was the white dove, how beautiful she was !, she approached timidly and told her how beautiful she looked. The white dove turned around to see who was distracting her from the pleasure of her breakfast and said: You're truly beautiful with that black necklace you wear around your neck, and I would like to have something like that detach through my boring white feathers. The turtledove Timotea could not believe what she heard, the angelic creature considered her beautiful !

From that day Timotea became the happiest turtledove on the island, she realized that it was fine as she was, that all creatures of the universe were beautiful as nature had created them!

Correction of the english version by Paula

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