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A pause

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A pause

Postby Carina Rei » Thu Jul 24, 2014 11:31 am

This was written by Takahashi Shihan when I told him that I was thinking about pausing my Aikido training:

Hola Carina

It seems that you will now explore the exciting dimensions of "Hitori Geiko" in the months to come. Your willingness to have faith in your search for Aiki Principles in your life, cannot but result in a higher form of Aikido for yourself. Congratulations.

I do not see you as "quiting Aikido training", but simply changing the format and areas of interest. I myself have not participated in regular Aikido training for many years. Even the times I conducted class were very different for the students and myslef. Yet, I received no complaints or criticisms, but encouragement and gratitude for demonstrating other valid ways to demonstrate and explain the Aikido I have always been faithful to.

You will have moments of doubt, frustration, and temporary loss of confidence. In my eyes, you're fully qualified to train as you see best, and will find new meanings and dimensions in your discoveries. Training with weapons , intensive conditioning programs, and finding partners closer to you will be most rewarding. Growing into your own teacher has always been the goal, and now you begin. Good Luck!

And this was his reply when I said to him that I started practicing Tai Chi.

Aiki, in it's purest form, can be recognized in every form of genius and human creativity.
Morihei Ueshiba discovered a version faithful to his limited understanding, and accumulation of knowledge, skills and wisdom.
Traditional disciplines like Tai Chi Chuan, most definitely possess an understanding of Aiki Principles you will recognize, and benefit from.
Ultimately, you must be patient, focused, and dedicated to the expression of Aiki you are comfortable with.
Aikido, in all it's variations, is but one of many possible and valid manifestations of a fundamental truth of Nature.
Good luck!

In June I had to travel a few days away, so there was no sense for me to pay the entire month's quota dojo, as there is no other possibility such as paying just for half a month or a week. I stopped training the month and as a result my knee fully recovered, the doctor told me I had a grip. Moreover, the month off helped me to reflect on some facts occurred in recent times. And due to a number of negative reasons I prefer not to detail here, I decided to pause my Aikido training after 10 years.

As I said, it is just a pause as I can not imagine leaving the Aikido completely, I agreed with my teacher, who will keep me informed of upcoming courses and if I have time I'll try to attend them.

I also contacted the council of sports to send me any course or workshop that could interest me. And from what they sent me, I tried a workshop of Tai chi, introduction to the classes of the same art, I'm sure they come in handy to supplement my education regarding energy, stimulating both sides of the cerebral hemisphere, relax the nervous system and activate the lymphatic system, among many other things I'm still learning.

Correction of the english version by Paula

Puedes leer este artículo en español aquí

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