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There are roads...

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There are roads...

Postby Carina Rei » Tue Oct 07, 2014 2:18 pm

There are roads and throughways that lead somewhere, anywhere, and nowhere. It 's less important that there be a definite destination, than being clear and resolute in having decided upon one. If the latter, the ultimate destination then means nothing at all..
Francis Y Takahashi

We will never know in advance what will be our way in our journey through life. Sometimes several small things together create a big reason to encourage us to reflect and to change course.

At the end of May I stopped my Aikido training, which was healthy because thanks to it my knee recovered. In July I started Tai chi, I liked it, but in no class we sweated, so here I would not rule it out, but it would be for later, when it costs me more effort to fall and get up.

In these four months I missed a lot the training, so that when I went to walk to the park I used to take a towel with me and I started to do ukemi on the lawn. The instructor and the dojo where I trained are like a second family, but my car is already 22 years old so I sometimes had to go to the training with fellows and I was occasionally up to four hours away from my house. Due to the fact that I could not keep on going to train to that dojo, I spoke with a friend who talked to the Sensei of the dojo where I started my Aikido training, which is close to my house, and the doors of this dojo were opened for me again.

The last time I was in that dojo it was seven years ago, nowadays it is very nice and renovated, painted and the changing rooms are very comfortable and well made. In my first class I met again the teacher who introduced me to Aikido and some of the companions who had the patience to correct me again and again my beginner clumsiness almost eleven years ago.

Of course I cannot, nor do I want to compare, each of us is different, trains differently and sees things differently. Here it is about to seek the way to go slowly developing our own Aikido with the help of Sensei and the fellows who began before us. This is to keep learning from each and everyone.

I enjoyed my first class and I guess the feeling will keep on growing at the same time that I adapt, I sweat a lot and my body thanked me for having returned to train in this way falling and getting up. And most importantly, the teacher and those colleagues with whom I started my path in Aikido continue teaching me and I learn more of their teachings. Why do I learn more? Because after so many years of training one detects much more details and one of the techniques shown, new for me, was showing to me by the partner with whom I made it in a way and at the end of the class doing jiyu waza (free technique) with another partner, I wanted to repeat it and he showed it to me otherwise, though we all looked when the teacher demonstrated that technique, each of us saw it differently, but all the ways of doing it are valid if they work.

I have no goal as examining me or alike, I'm just very grateful to continue training this wonderful martial art, aikido, in which we never stop learning.

correction of the english version by Paula

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