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Looking within us

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Looking within us

Postby Carina Rei » Thu Oct 23, 2014 10:27 am

When you open your eyes inside,
you realize that reality is an illusion
where forms are above the ground,
where being right is more important than being happy,
where the "ought " is more important than being one .

Translated from Spanish, attributed to William Blake, although I did not find the same phrase in English nor German.

When we start training in a martial art we just see the physical part, or rather forms. We are very busy trying to coordinate hands and feet, maintaining our head erect, trying to fall as best as possible avoiding damage and lots of details our teacher will correct as we advance. It's what I lived when I started training Aikido and I keep improving.

After training regularly for ten years, gradually our physical training goes by to the whole body including the mind and influences our thoughts and attitudes, affecting our mental aspect as well : "When you open your eyes inside" , our mind becomes more calm and we mature. Training in a martial art such as Aikido, which is not about defeating an opponent, we are learning every day to try to overcome ourselves.

In a sense, wanting to be always right is wanting to win, therefore, when we no longer care about winning, it will not be so important to be right, as the penultimate sentence of the quotation says at the beginning of our training, "where being right is more important than being happy " and when we have a few years of training, we realize that being happy is more important when we enter in the depth of our inside.

We will reflect more about others´ reasons, we will feel more empathy towards our interlocutor, and as we connect in techniques, we'll try to connect with words. Our teacher often says to do techniques like if we are having a conversation, quietly, keeping the distance, respecting our training partner at all times, from the beginning to the end of the technique.

" Where the" ought "is more important that being one " when we have many years of sincere training, we realize that we are no longer concerned about pretending something we are not, we know we should not be anything with what we don't feel comfortable. We accept what we are and so we appear, we find peace with ourselves, the most important thing to be happy.

Correction of the english version by Paula

Please read this article in spanish here

Bitte lese diesen Artikel hier auf Deutsch
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