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Practicing patience

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Practicing patience

Postby Carina Rei » Sat Nov 08, 2014 9:09 am

It is discouraging to try to penetrate a mind like yours. You ought to get it out and dance on it. That would take some of the rigidity out of it.
Mark Twain

Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.
Bruce Lee

More than seven years ago I had to change dojo for reasons that are irrelevant. When I started in the new one, far from home, I had to completely recycle, because they trained differently and I loved the way they did, even though it cost me a lot, because it is easier to start from zero than to change what you already learned. The teacher there has a real gift for teaching, that’s why, while we enjoyed the training, we sweated much, but thanks to that we were in a great form, to hold any weekend seminar or several days of training for hours in the morning and evening. I still go occasionally to train there on some special class on Saturday or when organizing a course and each time I come back with new energy and happy to enjoy my aikido.

In another article I explained that I have a car that in a few years will not pay more taxes, because due to its age it soon will be considered historic, I'm grateful that it still takes me every day to work and to the grocery store, but I dare not go much further. Moreover, I also said it was a long time I was away from home when I went to train further, I looked for other activities close to home as Tai Chi, but eventually I returned to the dojo where I started, with only the intention of training.

And that I do and also practice patience with myself, there they train very differently and I must adapt again, there are people who have spent years, well they were already there when I started and when they consider that a technique should be done in a different way they stop it in order to do it in their usual form. When I was 5 Kyu and I trained in the Hombu Dojo, I trained with the ukes of Doshu and there I had doubts and they always told me to flow simply and it didn’t matter if it was for up, down, left or right. Takahashi Shihan also teaches that we must seek our own aikido, of course at first you must follow the directions of your instructor, but when you have trained for a few time and with different teachers, you realize that aikido techniques are not rigid kata there be followed to the letter, also the teacher of my teacher always said "forget this, now we'll do it this way." Of course when I train with these "sempai" (peer who began before oneself) I follow their way for respect and I try to get it as soon as possible, to have time for practice, that is why I come for, simply train and flow and not stop at every moment. We learn everywhere.

I try to practice with both, the newbies and the others who think like me and like to use the time and train, my teacher always said that in his dojo he is the only one who says how a technique must be done.

I always say that from everything in this life you have to take the positive side, I still train Aikido, I try to get new details, we practice more with weapons, something that comes very practical and above all I practice patience with myself, something very important in life.

Correction of the english version by Paula

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