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Hunt in the Park

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Hunt in the Park

Postby Carina Rei » Fri Jan 23, 2015 12:30 pm

A quiet morning in June I was relaxed taking sun with my belly on a hot stone making the digestion and observing attentively what was happening around me. My stone was in the middle of the evergreen cat's claws, a creeping plant that likes the sandy soil and is known for its yellow, bright flowers, always searching the sun just like us. It was early and the park was still quiet.

Suddenly I heard the sound of footsteps and something cast a shadow about me, it covered me from the sun, I quickly hid in the gap under the stone and slowly looked out to see who dared to bother my digestive solar meditation. It was a large human with a smaller one who sat each opposite the other on either side of the walk on our stones. The little one had a stick at which point there was a kind of net and the larger human carryed a bag with bread crumbs. The biggest one, who had to be the father began to put a few pieces of bread in the walk, while the little one was watching with the net ready.

They were sitting a while scrutinizing every stone and talking quietly, I think they were waiting for us to come out of our holes to hunt us, thankfully for them they were sitting :)

Half an hour passed and some pigeons approached to eat the crumbs, father and son frightened them, upset because no animal of which they wanted to capture came out. Occasionally people walking or running passed, some on their bike or skating and children with their tricycle.

Under stones and among green plants I went dragging, away from father and son and I sat on another stone which was about ten yards to end my digestion. I was quietly enjoying the sun when the shadow fell again on me, they had come hastily, as I crawled under the stone, I saw the net falling next to me, how persistent they were.

Meanwhile the ducks of the pond had arrived at the place where they had been sitting before, and avidly ate all the crumbs. When they finished with all they went to the place where father and son were sitting then, the little one with the net in his hands and the big one spreading more bread, right in the place where I had been sunbathing for the second time. Humans then rose to scare the ducks, they departed flying a few feet, attentive to see if there was more bread, they did not have any fear and were very daring.

The boy stood up and slipped between the stones with his net. We watched from our hiding place. He did several rounds and turned up some stones, logically without any success. Well, what we had enough, was time, so here we kept quiet until humans got tired. Luckily in this park the entry of dogs was not allowed, otherwise the situation would have been different, even we are faster than them, between two they could corner us and become a danger.

The father was shooing pigeons and ducks, that came to eat the pieces of bread. Finally the child was tired of going around without success and sat back down. After an hour the boy said something to his father, it seemed that he was bored, tired, hungry and thirsty. So after a while they got up and left.

Calm returned, the pigeons and ducks left the walk clean, they quickly finished eating bread. And I went back to my stone to finish making my digestion, enjoying the tranquility of the park.


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