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The bustling blackbird

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The bustling blackbird

Postby Carina Rei » Wed Jun 24, 2015 10:56 am

On a sunny April day in a cup-shaped nest, which was on a eucalyptus four green little eggs that until now had been quiet, began to move, broke one by one, some naked chicks appeared and they placed close together each other, almost looking like a little body searching for warmth. One, Eusebio, chirped stronger than the others claiming for food and always pushed the others three to be the first to receive it in his insatiable beak. Luckily both parents came and went so that the little ones could receive their fair share: seeds, worms, grasses and some exquisiteses more like fruits and berries, broken by their parents.

They only ate, chirped to call their parents and slept. Slowly their little bodies covered with soft brown feathers. After a few days they could already give some leaps out of the nest and the nearest branches. Eusebio, the more rebellious, was also the most courageous, he daring and adventurous did a big jump and fell under the eucalyptus. While calling his parents for help, he investigated the place where he had fallen with great curiosity. The ground was wet and his beak started to remove the earth and with great joy he found a delicious worm. He was very proud to have found this special bite by himself.

With full tummy he was tired, he wanted to sleep and the nest was there on the top of the tree too far for him, he returned to call his parents insistently. In addition he had heard a noise and his instinct warned him that he was in danger and so it was. A black cat who had heard the calls increasingly strong of the small Eusebio, was approaching. The alerted mother had flown to the lowest branch of eucalyptus and from there she called his little one, so that he tried to fly and jump where she was waiting. Eusebio heard his mother and sensing the danger he was in, gathered momentum and came awkwardly to where his mother was, not very safe on this small branch, he almost fell back, but her mother flew to the next branch in order that Eusebio followed her and so gradually they returned to the safety of the nest.

After two weeks of leaving the eggs, Eusebio and his brothers left the nest, they knew how to look for some food, but it was more comfortable asking their parents, who for a few days continued diligently feeding them, until the they decided that it was time that their children could fend for themselves, besides their appearance had changed so much, two were brown like her mother and Eusebio and another brother were all black and their feathers shone.

Eusebio, very gourmand, remembered the exquisite worm he had found in moist soil. He flew to the ground under the tree, but the sun had dried the earth, it was very difficult to remove it and he also doubted that he would find a worm, there were many dead leaves and hard fruits of eucalyptus.

Besides his curiosity and momentum Eusebio was smart, so he told himself to look for worms in moist places. He had seen a park, where every evening sprinklers were opened to water the lawn. Eusebio really liked that place, he showered under those outputs water coming out gently as rain. After moving his wings to dry, he cleaned with his beak all the feathers and was ready for dinner, stirring the ground beneath the grass in search of delicious food.

The gardener of the park was not very happy about the digged earth left by Eusebio and other blackbirds who imitated him. And when he looked how they got down, he would frighten them with his black puppy, a mix of all races, the blackbirds flew to the trees waiting for the gardener and his dog to go away. When the gardener came back the next day he found again holes on the lawn, where Eusebio and the others had dug. So he decided to put a scarecrow in the middle of the lawn.

When Eusebio saw that rag doll he realized right away that it was not human, he was amused that the gardener had put it there, he landed on the old hat the scarecrow had on his head and poked the carrot which was its nose, the Carrot was good too :). Then he went to the sprinkler to shower, wash and remove the dirt for dinner. Other blackbirds did not trust the scarecrow and left Eusebio there alone. The gardener was happy about that there were only one or two holes every day, adapted to Eusebio and his beautiful singing, he had a beautiful voice and he became friend with the black mixed puppy . Eusebio, grateful to be left to himself, seeked his delicacies in the large garden, singing different songs each morning, while the gardener cleaned the lawn of leaves and closed the holes the blackbird had done the night before. And at night when the gardener with his dog went to his house, Eusebio sang for them during dinner.


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Carina Rei
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Re: The bustling blackbird

Postby Francis Takahashi » Fri Jul 03, 2015 9:19 pm

Perhaps one lesson to be gleaned from this delightful tale, is that value must be perceived, in order to be appreciated. Only when the farmer acknowledged that Eusibio was not a pest, did he relent and leave him be.

Being busy with our perceived life's importance, it is easy for others to dismiss our value, and we theirs. It becomes a cycle of indifference, that easily turns into enmity and eventual retaliation. Fear is largely based on False Evidence Appearing Real. We must be truthful and transparent in all our important relationships, in order to gain trust, respect, and hopefully, support for our ideas and dreams.

Aiki is a simple concept, yet fraught with so many possibilities that choosing the correct formula for ourselves can become a lifelong pursuit. By resolving to focus on the fundamental aspects of what we need, we may avoid competing with others for similar resources, leaving plenty for all.

Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast. Let's take time enough to finish what we begin.
Francis Takahashi
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Re: The bustling blackbird

Postby Carina Rei » Fri Jul 03, 2015 11:35 pm

That is so true Takahashi Shihan. We should live our life being aware of every moment, without hurry, with mindfulness. We should catch every minute we have, and live it with gratefulness for the gift we have got.
Carina Rei
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