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Ilsedore the traveling little leaf

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Ilsedore the traveling little leaf

Postby Carina Rei » Sat Aug 08, 2015 7:04 am

One day in March after very cold months, a ray of sun woke me. First I was just a little point on a smooth gray branch, but day after day I grew a little more, and in a week I was visible for the birds resting on my branch. They woke me with their cheerful song when the day was getting light. I watched them with envy, how free they were, they could fly wherever they wanted. Days passed and on my branch every day appeared new spots that were growing like myself. We were taking our green form .

After a month in the neighboring branches also little leaves appeared and our tree which had been naked during the winter was gradually covered with green. But not only leaves were coming out, some spots had also become tiny tops. Our tree gave off a sweet smell nice for the people passing below us, they breathed deeply enjoying the special fragance.

Our leaves were becoming dark green and shaped like a palm and were ever larger, while the spin like things were turning from green to purple. Some people stopped to pick our fruits which were apparently very sweet and delicious, they had a taste like the perfume given off by the entire tree.

A few months of heat passed and some of our mature fruits were collected and others had fallen under the tree.

A windy day I was ripped from my branch, my life, which so far had been safe and routine on my branch, accompanied by my sister leaves, suddenly underwent a great change. That emotion, finally I was flying free as a bird, I was eager to see what adventures I would have !

I was flying higher and higher, I saw my tree down there shrinking, the streets, the houses, a park where there were many large and small people and further a bright blue extension, what was that ? , It attracted me like a magnet, I wished the wind would take me there. I turned like a kite, what a funny experience. Suddenly the wind died down and I fell into a street, a car passing led me to the sidewalk, where I rested during the night, when it was day, again wind came up and flew me to the park, now I could see people closer and what they did there. There were many children playing, one of them picked me up, he looked at me with surprise and touched me, others also touched me and said how beautiful I was. In the end the first child took me in his backpack that was on a bench, therein it was a dark, were my adventures finished?

A few hours after that the boy pulled me out of the backpack and put me on a table next to a window, I think it was his room. I was admiring the room, there was a bed that had a blue and red bedspread with a car, a chair full of clothes, a ball in the corner. At the table next to me were books and pencils. I was so engrossed looking at all these new things for me, that I did not realize something had come in until I was flying again. A bird had caught me with his beak and took me to a tree, did I go again to my tree?

But this was not my tree, it was much higher, the bird had left me in his nest, which was empty, there was everything, twigs, other dry leaves and objects unknown to me. The bird went away and every time it came back, it brought something in its beak. I did not like this place much, it did not smell like my tree. I tried to move, but I could not get anywhere. A day passed and at a time when the bird was absent a squirrel came so close that it moved the nest, and I was lucky to fall. There were still more adventures for me!

I fell between grass and flowers that smell great, it was all very neat, it was the garden of a large house. Shouts and laughter and water noises were heard, there was a swimming pool very close and children jumped in again and again, splashing water up to where I was, later they played with a ball that sometimes fell wet beside me. When the sun hid everything calmed down, there was no one in the pool, the water was still. Some birds came to drink, and then they flew away, I wished I could also take off and see what the bright and blue extension, that attracted me so much, was.

The next morning an elderly man was cleaning the pool when he finished there, he took a rake to clean the grass, I also fell in the wheelbarrow where he had all the junk that he had collected and threw in a container, but I managed to sneak out and fell into the street. The sun dried me quickly and when I was dry I waited for my friend the wind to pick me up again and take me to the big bright blue expanse. But the wind was late, everything was still, nothing moved. Two days passed like that, and I thought I was going to end there.

On the third day a great wind that moved all the trees and stirred the dust and took me up to fly, what a joy, again dancing in the air, I was getting higher and higher, the trees, houses and the park were becoming smaller. And the great blue expanse looked so bright and desirable as before. And... the wind carried me towards it, what a big thrill, I was going to fulfill my dream, I was going to get there. Please dear wind continue, take me up there ...


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