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A Shihan

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A Shihan

Postby Carina Rei » Wed Aug 26, 2015 12:07 am

Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous.

Teaching is only demonstrating that it is possible. Learning is making it possible for yourself.
Paulo Coelho

At Learning's fountain it is sweet to drink,
But 'tis a nobler privilege to think.

John Godfrey Saxe

A Shihan not only can teach you how to do aikido, dodge the attack, projections, controls, techniques, defend from the three weapons or use them as defense and projection onto the mat. A Shihan can guide you through his writings, drawn and based on his extensive experience of a life dedicated to aikido items. The articles show the depth of his thoughts and inspire you to reflect on them, looking for answers and maturing the mental part of aikido.

Our mind becomes involved unconsciously for some, while training for a long time the physical part that is our body, the concepts like waiting for uke, connect to him, control him without harm, be alert to his fall on a safe place, just to name a few, are also integrated into our consciousness to apply them in our life outside the dojo and Aikido training. Reading the articles written by the Shihan about his experiences can help us, whether we are absorbing these concepts when we practice Aikido techniques or training with weapons.

I think some of the best articles that have been written about: the Aiki perspective; how we learn Aikido; the teachings of the Founder; Aikido applications; reasons for daily training; creating our own aikido; Aikido with safety, respect, humility, to forgive, etiquette, loyalty, correct distance, connection, conflict, competition, Aiki principles; the art of giving; what is Ki; the purpose of Aikido; the legacy of the founder; Aikikai Foundation, among many others, are in Mental Keiko in Aikido Academy USA by Takahashi Shihan. I was lucky enough to get permission to translate them into Spanish and German. By doing a translation, one must reflect on what the author really meant to say and, as a result, I was maturing step by step in mental Aiki while training.

So I want to thank Takahashi Shihan, now on his UNbirthday for his teachings through his writings that helped me to mature in my aiki mind.

A very happy UNbirthday Takahashi Shihan, all the best on this day on what you are getting a year younger, a big hug.


Puedes leer este artículo en español aquí

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Carina Rei
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Re: A Shihan

Postby Francis Takahashi » Mon Sep 14, 2015 4:45 pm

Muchas gracias.
Francis Takahashi
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