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How a small detail will change your life

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How a small detail will change your life

Postby Carina Rei » Fri Sep 25, 2015 11:52 am

Life is so uncertain, that we ought to secure happiness while it is within our reach.
Alexandre Dumas, pere

One misstep leads to a lifetime of regret
Chinese Proverb

One day going down the stairs of a parking, he had almost reached the bottom, but before reaching his shoe got caught on the penultimate step and he lost his balance and to not to fall he sought support on the wall with the right arm and shoulder, he got a hit and felt an excruciating pain. However he was willing to take the car to go home, who knows what would have happened to him, if his daughter and casual witnesses would not have persuaded him to go to the ER. There he was held to operate directly the shoulder the next day.

According to the doctor it was a difficult operation that lasted two hours. He was given a sedative intravenously, otherwise the pain would have been unbearable. The first day he could not get out of bed, what a great change .., from being able to move independently at will, to be bedridden depending on other people for his simple needs. Everything for failing to pay sufficient attention at one moment.

Three days later he was discharged, the wound was healing properly but the whole arm was blue, purple. And he was sent to make a circular motion with the arm from the second day, so that his shoulder again gradually would acquire some mobility, but the pain while doing the exercises was very strong. He could not get dressed by himself, no shower by himself, at night he could only sleep with the face up, catching sleep was very difficult, of course forgetting about driving by himself.

Luckily time heals everything and so he had to go every other day to the cure of the wound with his arm in a sling, and had to return in two weeks to the hospital to remove the staples. In these two weeks he noted each day an insignificant improvement, but an improvement on the end, little details that step by step he could do by himself, like shaving with the left hand, putting on pants, but he still needed help to close it, he also could make a tea or something simple to eat, summarizing, he was not completely helpless.

When we live the routine of everyday life we do not realize, how good we are at the moment, of how lucky we are to move freely, to see nature, to smell a flower, to be able to touch it, to taste chocolate, to be able to hear a particular song, to be able to do what we want in the moment when we like to, we do not remember to be grateful for the blessings of life. But when we lose just an arm, no need anything worse, yes then ... we realize how good we were.

So think every morning when you wake up how lucky you are to be like you are, be amazed by what you will get at this new day, accept whatever it is easy, try not to step falsely and enjoy every moment to the fullest and be thankful for what you have.


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Carina Rei
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Re: How a small detail will change your life

Postby Francis Takahashi » Tue Sep 29, 2015 1:30 pm

Luck is the residue of design. Plan your activities sensibly, and in accord with your goals and aspirations. Leave as little as possible to chance, and have reminders to keep yourself on track.

Each detail is important, so avoid having too many to choose from in planning your day. Keep things simple, realizing that life is unpredictable, and you must build in flexibility and patience.

Avoid feeling unnecessary pressure to complete tasks before their time. Most important moments follow a timetable different from ours. Man plans; God laughs. Enjoy the privilege of being alive.
Francis Takahashi
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Re: How a small detail will change your life

Postby Carina Rei » Wed Sep 30, 2015 1:01 am

That are very wise thoughts put in words, thank you for sharing them Takahashi Shihan
Carina Rei
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