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The butterfly that liked music

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The butterfly that liked music

Postby Carina Rei » Thu Oct 08, 2015 4:04 am

I was sitting on the back of a leaf of this beautiful plant with orange flowers eating and eating, I felt an incredible hunger lately. I just finished breakfast when my stomach growled again, protesting because he was hungry, so I took a few steps to another leaf, which I would utilize entirely and it would disappear just as the one as I had just stuffed away. While I was enjoying this great pleasure, I realized I was not alone, nearby a rhythmic sound was heard, it seemed that it accompanied me in the movement to swallow, almost like a song. The cricket never got tired of singing, like I never got tired of eating, what a duo!, I swallowed at the same pace as it was singing.

A few days passed and I felt my body was transforming, I no longer ate, I was preparing to pupate, hanging from a twig completely naked of leafs, I was weaving a comfortable cocoon where to transform and grow. But I was still paying attention to my singing friend, the cricket, whose sound was heard a little deaf through the cloth and in the evenings I listened to another more energetic singer, a beautiful croak, hoping to meet someday such an insistent night musician. Thanks to this musical accompaniment both by day and night I did my metamorphosis happily step by step, waiting for the day when I would leave such a soft and increasingly tight packaging.

And the desired day came, I slowly opened the pupa and slid out, at first my wings were attached but with the warm sun shine they deployed in a bright orange in daylight. What a joy to fly between these huge trees with a mint-like aroma. Suddenly I heard a song I'd never heard, like a sound from heaven, I searched its source, it came from a black bird that sat on top of the eucalyptus. The song to which meanwhile some more birds had joined, urged me to dance, flying upward, downward, circling to the sound of the ensemble. I felt beautiful and free !!!

In the afternoon when the sun fell bright on the horizon I heard the song that had accompanied me during my stay inside the cocoon again, I searched its source, the sound took me to a pond and the owner of such a nice voice was a little wet green animal that sat on a stone, at my sight it jumped into the water. I was fluttering over the water and suddenly I saw his little eyes watching me, stick out on the edge of the water, he slowly came out and returned to his rock, beginning his beautiful singing again. Already tired I sought a leaf in a nearby tree to rest from the exciting day and almost immediately I fell asleep with the already known singing of the frog, that returned me the memory of the security of the cocoon.

The next morning I returned to the Eucalyptus area where at least a dozen butterflies like me fluttered, what a beautiful view! I joined them and when the birds began to sing I taught them my dance of the previous day, they followed me copying my movements, fully enjoying every lap of every climb and every descent, we noticed that the birds were singing louder and drew their repertoire best tunes inspired by the beauty of our flying dance, even the old eucalyptus moved its leaves to the sound of the music!
It was a magical moment in a magical place!


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