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All things have their positive side

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All things have their positive side

Postby Carina Rei » Tue Dec 08, 2015 1:33 am

All bad things have their positive side and it is good for us to get it, reflect on it and learn the lesson.

One Saturday I left work with a strong headache and despite the sunny day I was cold. When I got home I put the thermometer and had a little temperature, nothing to worry about, but as we spent the afternoon, it rose another tad. Towards years I had no fever, although it was only slightly temperature because of resented throat and the body was acting in its defense. The body had hurt me at night, but I thought I had soreness from weapons work we had done in the aikido class of thursday.

We had planned a walk for Sunday, but I preferred to tell my colleagues, that I felt bad and could not go. My decision was good, since the Sunday morning I woke up completely dizzy ... how much a few tenths of temprature can weaken the body. I spent most of Sunday sitting on the couch doing nothing, not even thinking much, sometimes I fell asleep, total relaxation, on the afternoon I felt better, I almost had not eaten, but I was not hungry either, something that suited me all right.

That stop, stop in the routine and daily stress made me feel right, the things I did that evening were very slow and relaxed, I ate more slowly, which is much healthier than gobble meals for lack of time. Everything was in slow motion. And just this slowness is the positive side, my discomfort had forced me to slow my pace, both physically and mentally, to enjoy the moment even feeling bad on the couch just doing nothing, without even thinking, eating slower to taste better the meals, to move more slowly.

But is it really necessary to get ill, for having a moment, a half day or a weekend of relaxation? A holiday of our ongoing thoughts is wonderful for our minds. It is great for our belly to eat slowly in order to fill before and so maybe it shrinks. It is great for our body in general to spend a day doing nothing.

And like any engine off, it takes a while to get on again. On monday I did everything concentrated but unhurried, much better, maybe I needed a little more time but all without error.

So here even if you have no fever, take your time, especially take time for yourself every day that you need it!


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