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Postby Carina Rei » Fri Dec 25, 2015 1:49 am

Again the traditional family day, Christmas, came at least in this part of the world. A day we celebrate especially bringing the whole family together at the table. Those being away who can not sit at the family table communicate by phone or Skype so at least they will be connected a few moments to wish the best to this day.

A couple of weeks ago everybody decorated their homes, some have put a fir or alike, which I hope has not been cut. At home we do not like artificial trees, but we've never had a cut tree, we brought a small tree with roots, for example, a cypress, araucaria, etc. Last year we bought a ficus, which afterwards we put in the yard and this year again it has its preferred site in our living room, and it is adorned with some light golden balls and allusive figures.

This year Christmas falls on a Friday, ideal for those who don't have to work at the weekend. We have made all purchases in time and the last thing missing yesterday. Especially in the food, as always, will be plentiful and delicious, we do not repair on costs in these important dates. I advise to enjoy it, but thinking about our wellbeing, it is not worthy eating too much, abuse, then we'll feel bad, heavy, and we will increase our weight, the consequences that in the New Year or at the latest in spring, when we'd like to go to the beach, we'll go back to the gym and prepare a new diet and return to suffer to take away those extra pounds. We can also enjoy eating and drinking moderately, we will enjoy even more to feel better and lighter.

Another issue that is usually exaggerate, are gifts, myself included, not because we spend more in gifts our gifts will be better. A small child usually plays with just one thing, his favorite toy, I think today we confuse children with too many gifts, they don't know what to wish, and then they don't know how to play, furthermore they will get accustomed to value the affection of a family by the size of the gift. What really has value for children and they will always remember, is the time we give them, the time we have for them, play with them, talk to them and listen to them. This also applies to our elders, the time we devote them is the best gift we can give them. Even a gift made by ourselves, a craft has, in my view, much more value than something bought at the store, even if we have spent a lot of money on it.

I always remember my best gift for three Kings: A DVD made with love by my children with photos and music from them. And the gift for my birthday, their unexpected visit.

Merry Christmas to all!


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