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Small magical moments

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Small magical moments

Postby Carina Rei » Wed Mar 09, 2016 12:50 am

Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.

The other morning I was watering plants in my patio like every morning and when I got to the vine that had grown from a small twig brought from one of my walks, I had a nice surprise, a beautiful blue violet flower shone between light and dark green leaves, like wishing me a good morning.

The next weekend I went to walk to the beach, I am always distracted, thoughtful and looking for possible motifs to take pictures, when someone called my name, it was someone I had not seen since a long time, who greeted me with joy and introduced me to her parents, who were visiting the island.

A moment to cherish forever was in Madrid, when visiting the Casa de Campo park my youngest son climbed onto the shoulders of his brother to record with his cellphone two pigeonschicks, those were in a nest of turtledoves in the hole of the trunk of a tree and in these kind of moments we share our laughter.

Other moments of joy are to receive a Whatsapp with a new picture or video of my son's little niece of almost 2 years old. Another one is when I see someone close, from whom I had not news long ago commenting in Facebook, or on Sunday to wake by myself without alarm clock and knowing that I don't have to go to work.

Magic moments are also feeling the warmth of the sun on a cold winter morning; savoring a warm croissant just from the oven that melts in your mouth; feeling the fresh sea breeze on a sirocco day; that you look into the face of a child and you exchange a smile; watching how the sun goes down on the horizon where the sky joins the sea, a golden ball when it is sinking in the sea and is becoming smaller, leaving in the end only a trickle and gold halo visible between the two parts of different blues, a precious moment.

I have the luck of living in a small paradise, many people have told me, and I am aware of it, just the fact of taking the car and being in five minutes on a long sandy beach or enjoy all year round good weather and as a result see flowers of all colors in the middle of the street, a garden or a park where you passes along.

But I'm sure that anyone, although not living on this island, no matter where you live, if you observe what's around as if seeing it for the first time, consciously like a tourist visiting the place, you can also find many magical moments. Listen to the music coming suddenly out of a passing car. Observe what is in your environment, there not will always be flowers, but also golden autumn leaves are particularly attractive and stepping on the dry leaves is another beautiful experience. Even though rain, after the rain there is always a freshness and special smell, the leaves of plants and trees glow with droplets, the rain left on them and if we open our ears we may hear the melodies of birds who also like to go out their shelters after the rain has cleared the air.

It is a question of attitude, like when you look up to another person and you smile, almost for sure that you get a smile back, so if you look smiling on what is around you, it will also smile back to you!


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