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Mentor Program Guidelines in effect

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Mentor Program Guidelines in effect

Postby Francis Takahashi » Thu Apr 01, 2010 12:08 pm

Hello dear members of Aikido Academy - Alhambra

As Sensei Ron Dahl and others have been reminding us, the Mentor-mentee program for our dojo members is in effect. This means that each member preparing for an upcoming examination, whether for a Mudansha or a Yudansha upgrade, should select a primary mentor to assist in the process.

This is not a concrete requirement, but simply an aid to those who feel that such assistance would be helpful. Choosing a mentor does not preclude or prevent anyone from asking anyone else for assistance in training. Your training remains yours to own, and conduct without interference from any one else, which also means that you may not interfere with the training of others.

This mentor-mentee arrangement has several advantages.

1) For the mentee, there is a "go to " person to ask routine questions regarding etiquette, customs, agenda items and technical questions as well. Again, the dojo member may request assistance from anyone else at anytime. This method is intended to make it easier to obtain assistance, but is not a requirement for training or for examination purposes.

2) For the mentor, this provides an invaluable opportunity to share experiences, insights and training concepts with others. Training by teaching is a key training concept that everyone must be involved in over their time in the dojo. This is also a means for the Chief Instructor to monitor the mentor's own progress, and personal need for guidance.

3) For the dojo, this increases the goodwill, and interactive potential amongst the members of the dojo. This does not mean that the mentors are the primary "teachers" of the mentees. They are simply an aid to the training environment for everyone.

All mentor-mentee arrangements are informal, and may be dissolved or exchanged at anytime without cause. The Chief Instructor, however, will require a written report from each mentor when a) such a relationship begins, and b) when such a relationship ends. This is a quality control enhancement for the Chief Instructor, and for the Teaching Committee members.

As always, any one at any time may speak privately to any Teaching Committee member, and to the Chief Instructor as the occasion arises.

Please train safely, with respect and with joy!

francis y takahashi
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