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Thanks to Yudanshan meeting attendees

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Thanks to Yudanshan meeting attendees

Postby Francis Takahashi » Sat Dec 05, 2009 9:04 pm

The Yudansha meeting held on Saturday, December 5th, was well attended, well represented and beneficial to all, and to our dojo and association.

Excellent ideas were exchanged, with timely and interesting alternative options presented and appreciated.

Ad hoc committees were formed to pursue certain projects, and 2010 should reveal positive results for all to see and enjoy.

A more detailed summary will be forthcoming from Aaron Sims, who took copious notes.

Thanks again to all for the valuable input, the kind attention, and the enthusiastic affirmation of our mutual goals.

Oh, and the potluck was simply sumptuous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Oneness,

francis y takahashi
dojo cho Aikido Academy Alhambra'
shihan - AAWC
Francis Takahashi
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Re: Thanks to Yudanshan meeting attendees

Postby Robert Ramos » Sun Dec 06, 2009 1:12 pm

Yes, it was a great Meeting and the food was Great :D
Robert Ramos
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Re: Thanks to Yudanshan meeting attendees

Postby Robert Ramos » Mon Dec 28, 2009 1:48 pm

Thanks Aaron

Yudansha Meeting 12/05/09


Francis Takahashi
Rick Klein
Sam Ryono
Ron Dahl
John Harney
Ron West
Kevin Chiu
Robert Ramos
Aaron Sims
Pedro Flores
Violet Casillas
Sy Labthavikul

General Section

Phone - All calls made to dojo telephone are forwarded to John's cell phone

Website - Sy currently updates the website, John and Aaron will serve as back-ups
Posting videos of weapons classes and kids classes was mentioned, Robin and Violet were nominated to make/edit videos (do they know this?)

Brochure and Business Cards
- Brochure needs to be updated (there was more to this item, but I don't have a record of it . . . )
- Pedro will design and price business cards for the teaching staff, Ron will serve as a back-up

Marketing & Advertising
Facebook - Aaron and Sy will create a business page for the dojo on Facebook and maintain it. Evan will do the same but with a page in Chinese.
Linked In - Aaron and Sy will look into creating a presence on this business networking site
Twitter - Evan will look into creating a presence on this website
Google - Robert and Sam will contact other dojos/websites about exchanging linkswith our website, with the goal being a higher ranking on Google searches

Apparel - Violet will check on pricing for making shirts with dojo logo on them. Hats and underwear were also mentioned as potential items.

Mat Care
- Mats should be cleaned Tues/Thurs between the basic and advanced classes, the exact frequency will be up to the instructors of those classes
- Mats should be carried vertically to minimize the stress on the mat, specifically on the backing
- Mat backing should be fixed as needed, please examine mats as they are put away and fix any of the backing that is coming loose

Office Organization
- Robert and Laura will clean the office
- periodic tidying/cleaning (Robert and Laura?)

Testing - All dojo members should attend dan exams as part of their training (Takahashi Sensei)

Mudansha tests will remain on the 1st Saturday of the month
Yudansha exams may stay on the 1st Sunday of the month, though there was discussion of moving them to the 2nd weekend of the month

Mentor Program - to begin January 2010

- Mentor should be open and available to the mentee
- Relationship will not be exclusionary, i.e. the mentee is not restricted to dealing only with their mentor
- Contact between mentor/ee shall be at least monthly with a report filed and discussed with the Chief Instructor every month
- students will choose a mentor after they take the 5th kyu exam
- the student is responsible for choosing a mentor among the pool of eligible yudansha, though the Chief Instructor and Teaching Committee may suggest an alternate to the
student's first choice
- no mentor shall have more than 3 mentees

Records will be kept of which mentees are assigned to each mentor
- specifically a written agreement between the two parties will be kept on file

Eligible Mentors
- Yudansha
- non-instructing yudansha have priority

Teaching Committee Meeting

Weapons requirements for testing - Starting in July 2010, the following will be a part of the testing requirements:
3rd Kyu - 2 suburi each with the ken and the jo
2rd Kyu - 4 suburi each with the ken and the jo
1st Kyu - 7 suburi each with the ken and the jo

Yudansha - all candidates for dan exams must demonstrate a certain level of "comfort and ease" with the ken and the jo (John H.)
Shodan - 31 count jo kata

Bi-monthly Weapons Workshops - Takahashi sensei brought up the idea of having weapons workshops every other month as an opportunity for members who cannot attend the weekly weapons classes

Thanks for the Info AAron....
Robert Ramos
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