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Kagami Biraki 2013 - New Year Opportunities

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Kagami Biraki 2013 - New Year Opportunities

Postby Francis Takahashi » Mon Dec 31, 2012 10:35 am

Greetings all,

This, the end of 2012, marks the end of a tumultuous year for most of us. We have endured sickness, injury, economic upheaval and major rearrangement of our life styles and to our core of family and friends. It is said that Death itself is but the beginning. But of what? Since death is an inevitable and unavoidable fact for the living, let us then use it to our advantage. We can accept that something or someone has ceased to exist in our lives, but room has just been made for new applicants for the position(s). In the end of all things we experience, it is our attitude that remains most important, inasmuch as it is the one factor we have the most control over. Even as it may be true that we lost opportunities in the year past, we still retain the priceless lessons if we so choose.

The breaking of the Kagami Mochi signifies such a new beginning for each of us in 2013. So, as we continue to practice the Ukemi of Life, let us do so with optimism, adding new found knowledge and wisdom, and resolve once again to be unconditional in our love of family, friends and for our future fortunes, and in finding fun and fulfillment in everything we lovingly do.

Akemashite O medetoo Gozaimashita!!!!!!!!!

francis y takahashi
Francis Takahashi
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Re: Kagami Biraki 2013 - New Year Opportunities

Postby Carina Rei » Tue Jan 01, 2013 2:47 am

Thank you Takahashi Sensei for showing us the right attitude to confront life. I agree with you that we should learn from all things and every experience that happen in our life, the bad things like sickness, injury or economic upheaval, even death take us down, to reflect with sadness, angriness even despair are moments to go inside and emerge with new strength, to grow to have more compassion, to give things a bigger value. All things that happened to us are the way we must go to become the person we are.
I wish you and all the budokas and family of budokas of AAUSA and all the readers of the forum a Happy New 2013 full of health, enjoy your path every day!
Carina Rei
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