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Yudansha meeting minutes - Aaron Sims

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Yudansha meeting minutes - Aaron Sims

Postby Francis Takahashi » Fri Feb 12, 2010 2:28 am

Hi Everyone,

I've attached the minutes from the 2/6 Yudansha meeting at the end of this email. If I've missed something or have the wrong info, please contact me. It's the same format as last time, except that action items and due dates are underlined.

take care,
Aaron Sims


Yudansha Meeting 02/06/10


Francis Takahashi
Robin Mitsui
Rick Klein
Sam Ryono
Ron Dahl
John Harney
Ron West
Robert Ramos
Evan Yang
Aaron Sims
Pedro Flores
Violet Casillas
Sy Labthavikul
Sierra Li


Dues - 2010 association dues are due.

Weapons Program

John Harney has designed a curriculum for weapons/testing guidelines

There were concerns over how students would learn the required material if they were unable ot attend the scheduled classes.
- 1 - They can learn from other students who are available on the days they attend classes
- 2 - John will make videos that demonstrate the different requirements. Sy will put the videos on the website. Evan volunteered his camera to take the video.
- 3 - videos will be done by JUNE 1, 2010

Seminar 2010

Proposed dates: October, 2nd or 3rd weekend, date will be scheduled by this summer

Possible guest instructors:
- Bruce Bookman
-Greg O'Connor
-Clyde Takaguchi

Next Yudansha Meeting - April 24th

There will be a weapons seminar on this date with Takahashi Sensei and John Harney, the meeting will follow.


Business Cards - Pedro presented a design. He will make some changes to the design and give it to John for printing. Cards will be ordered by February 15th.

Brochure - Sy is working with Kurt's design, will have a new brochure by March 2nd

Dojo Info Exchange - Sam and Robert have contacted 30+ dojos and have a few leads.

Phone - Sy has signed the dojo up for a Google Voice account, we will work with John to have all of our website info updated by Wednesday February 10th

Gene - Gene has offered to spend 2-3 hours/week doing outreach
- weekly email updates to dojo members
- special "email blasts" to our email list (includes members and non-members)
- he will also look into creating satellite dojos in community centers, YMCA's, other dojos, etc.

Instructor Training Classes

We will be having a series of instructor training classes in the future, Takahashi Sensei will be working on:

- 1 - Defining goals for each program (for our basics, advanced, and kids classes, etc.)
- 2 - a format for each class

Mat Care

Supplies - John will pick up towels and buckets

- mats are to be cleaned every Tuesday between the basics and advanced classes

- Eugene will email members about the cleaning schedule

Mentor Program

Instructors are to start announcing the program at the end of their classes, and students should start thinking about possible mentors.
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