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Daily Training

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Daily Training

Postby Francis Takahashi » Tue Jun 17, 2014 7:47 am

How do we define what is most important to express and include in our daily lives? Are mere words sufficient to honor such notions that make us feel good about ourselves, and about the impact our behavior has on the environment and happenings that occur without much conscious thought?

Of course, we can well appreciate having and maintaining good health, being able to breathe, act and laugh freely, moving about and smiling about our good fortune. We strive not to take for granted the great gifts we have received over time, and continue to receive on an ongoing basis, especially the love and priceless support from our family and friends. Perhaps too, we can recall with special fondness, the unforgettable good that we may do, without forethought or intent, for our fellow man, and for ourselves.

Does this all happen essentially by accident, being extraordinary lucky to be so favored by God and circumstance? Who was it that said "Luck, is the residue of design."? What was it that the late General Manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers, Branch Rickey, alluding to with that quote? Could he have been describing what miraculously happens to human kind on a daily basis, regardless of class or status? Methinks so.

How fortuitous then, is our ability to exercise patience, vision and self discipline, as essential habits that we incorporate into our daily regimen, which then form the foundation for the accompanying good fortune that most of us enjoy and treasure. We are defined largely, by what we can replicate as good behavior, showing consistency in our practice of good manners, etiquette, and regard for others. Having good habits means not having to think about what to do each and every minute of each day.

For the truly disciplined, then, it is identifying, incorporating and living the habits that guide our daily purpose, justify our existence, and proudly announce our gratitude for being alive. Among the various expressions of self discipline possible, why do we finally settle on the one that defines us today? Answers vary, and there is no accounting for which is better that the other. We may not judge, either the choices that we make, or that others do. We simply, and humbly accept them all.

The very context of daily training will differ, depending on circumstances, availability of time, location, logistical support, and of need. Professionals may train anywhere from 3 to 10 hours per day, often inclusive of teaching duties. A dedicated training site, including equipment and security concerns, is highly desirable, but not necessarily essential. Any private and secure location can be most advantageous, taking full advantage of inspiration, opportunity and timing. Of course, quiet time for meditation, compiling of thoughts, the recording of new ideas, and of allowing yourself simple breaks in routine, is priceless. A mindset of 24/7 can be invaluable, to be in the moment at anytime, anyplace, and for any reason.

For me, it is striving to be a better person today, than I was yesterday. It is a matter of being content with the circumstances in my life, but to never be satisfied that I have done my best to date. To paraphrase Miyamoto Mushashi, "my lesson today is to correct yesterday's unfortunate misunderstanding". My vehicle is fueled by the Aiki Principles that helped guide the Founder of Aikido, and allowed him to create his very own, one of a kind Aikido. It is my life's goal to do the same. So far, so good.

It is, then, the habit of daily training by which I am able to accomplish my daily, weekly and annual goals, that keep me disciplined, focused and connected to the persona I wish to become. Each day will not produce the same results, nor do they necessarily have to. It is sufficient for me to gratefully acknowledge the opportunity to do so, and to incorporate the new knowledge and occasional wisdom that I discover each and every day. Now, back to work.
Francis Takahashi
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Re: Daily Training

Postby Carina Rei » Sun Jun 22, 2014 5:32 am

Thank you very much for this new article Takahashi Shihan, which I truly enjoyed to read, think about and finally translate.

Our life consists in moments, making the best of each one will help us and the persons in our surrounding to be content with it.

Through our daily training we learn not only a martial art, most important we learn a way of life. We learn to connect, interact and laugh with other persons, who are unknown at the beginning but become friends on a daily training basis is an important factor in our life and will produce memories to always remember.
Carina Rei
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Re: Daily Training

Postby Carina Rei » Tue Jun 24, 2014 12:02 am

Some comments in my spanish blog

AikiGuille says:
Everyone sees his daily training in a different way, in my case it is a unique opportunity to completely disconnect from the routine and work, and to learn something that fills me and it has no psychological stress, because I integrate and assimilate it with naturalness and joy. Thank you very much for sharing and translating these reflections by Takahashi Shihan.
A hug Carina.

Hello Guillermo,
So it is, each one looks at it differently and the reasons for each one are also different, as Takahashi Shihan says one of his goals is to be a better person today than he was yesterday, I agree, the attempt to achieve it makes us feel good. Thank you very much
a hug

Ricardo Amorim says:
Hello, Carina,
Very interesting reflection of Takahashi Shiran, but I didn't understand "mentality 24/7".
Thank you very much for translating and sharing.

Hello Ricardo,
24/7 means 24 hours for 7 days, thank you very much
a hug

Puedes leer este artículo en español aqui

Bitte lese diesen Artikel hier auf Deutsch
Carina Rei
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