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Aikido influences our daily life and vice versa

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Aikido influences our daily life and vice versa

Postby Carina Rei » Fri May 08, 2015 12:55 am

Each time, when I returned from holidays and in vacations when I was training, my teacher used to tell me how relaxed I was. And it is so, that not only aikido influences and affects positively our daily life, but the opposite is also true, our life affects our aikido.

We always say that we should enter on the mat with empty and calm mind, that is optimal to train, but we do not always succeed. Sometimes we take our problems and tensions on the mat and that will affect the Aikido we will do. We will be tense, what will ease us to get injured. So here it is highly desirable to warm up our body before training, each joint, hip, neck, etc. and while we do so, we should try to think about what we're warming up: Neck and occipital (think of them, how delicate and important they are and what they do for us. When they are injured, we can suffer from dizziness, headaches and discomfort), shoulders (the load they carry daily), and so on with elbows, wrists, hands, hips and each joint of the legs and feet, so that when training they will help us to make it as easy as possible. If we think of the part of the body that we are warming up and dialogue with it, thanking it for its participation in our training, we will forget everything we left out, and that should stay out there, so that we are with body and mind in the here and now, to benefit fully from the training.

In one of my previous articles I wrote about how aikido influences our life and I missed to detail then another thought that came to my mind. In aikido we do not win against anybody, this is about overcome ourselves. When we argue with people, who are around us, we do it mainly because we want to be right, it is very human to want to be right or to win, we want to demonstrate our interlocutor that he is wrong, we want to win and show him that he is wrong so he will lose.

I always remember when a 5 Dan teacher wrote me, to never correct him anything related to aikido, and it really was a misunderstanding, because that was not my intention, at that time my respect was so great that correcting him was the last thing that had crossed my mind, and however what a lesson! The teacher both in a seminar and in class is right in everything, we must respect that, but he will show his greatness and maturity by listening and caring, maybe after the course or the class, to a experienced student and if he is right, giving him reason, we are human and we can all learn from everyone.

That teacher had not learned yet his lesson, it is clear that a teacher who has been training for thirty years, knows a lot, but he had not understood yet that you never stop learning, maybe not from a beginner, but from someone who has trained for some years, we are not always right, we do not always win and it is here where we must overcome ourselves and our ego. We must be humble and be open to continue learning and maybe we can correct something, maybe something that we have done wrong or incorrectly for many years and therefore we think that it is well done.

Aikido teaches us to connect with uke, our mate, listen to him, and come together to do the technique together, as in a conversation, everyone does their part, but no one wins, it is about flowing. It is the most beautiful part of the training and it is when we truly enjoy. Then we can apply the same to everyday life. Listen, open our hearts to really understand what they are telling us, if we just talk, we will never hear what someone may tell us and maybe learn something new.


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