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Koryu training systems - Threadgill

Discuss the weapons training at AAUSA and weapons in general

Koryu training systems - Threadgill

Postby Francis Takahashi » Fri Mar 12, 2010 2:14 am

Bugei Juhappen - 18 martial skills to be studied by the samurai during the Sengoku Jidai (Mid 15th Century - Early 17th Century).

Kenjutsu (Swordmanship)
Battojutsu (Sword Drawing)
Sojutsu (Spear Fighting)
Naginatajutsu (Naginata Fighting)
Kyujutsu (Archery)
Kyuba (Mounted Archery)
Suijutsu, (Swimming)
Bōjutsu (Stick Fighting)
Nagamono (Polearm Fighting)
Torimono Dougu (Arresting Weapons)
Kakushi Buki Jutsu (Hidden Weapons) .
Jujutsu (Unarmed Combat)
Shurikenjutsu (Blade Throwing)
Hojutsu (Musketry)
Jouhou Kaishuu (Information Gathering)
Chikujou (Fortifications)
Angou (Signaling)
Jinei/Heihou (Strategy and Tactics)

Given that Ueshiba did not include even a fraction of the above that include weapons, I think its fair to say aikido cannot be considered a "complete" weapons system in the sense of classical Japanese martial arts.

In fact, most koryu are not "complete" as defined by the bugei juhappan, but many are considered comprehensive as they include several of the above areas of study. These "comprehensive" schools are referred to as sogo bujutsu.

(Before someone asks, TSYR includes 7 of the above in various forms.)

As for aikido not representing a complete empty hand system, it doesn't, but who cares? An argument could be made that Okinawan Karate does not represent a complete empty hand system either. It all in the defining.

Toby Threadgill / TSYR
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