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Happy Holiday Wish to You

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Happy Holiday Wish to You

Postby Francis Takahashi » Tue Dec 24, 2013 11:13 am

The year 2013 is almost at an end, and the Christmas messages are in the air once again. Although most of these messages are commercial in nature, they still include large measures of good will, gratitude for the gifts received throughout the year, and a deep and abiding appreciation for the company of friends and family.

Yes, we have all suffered losses, great and small, and rightly grieve for loved ones who have passed before us. In accepting the reality that nothing is permanent, we move on without the need for guarantees, renewing our faith in our acquired skills, hard won and reinforced wisdom, and a fortified determination to make the coming year the best ever.

You see, we the survivors have been entrusted by the multitude of ancestors from the past, to act as responsible stewards of the Principles and Valued Standards, that have made our respective countries great, our existing cultures meaningful, and our generational lineages both strong and focused on our individual search for excellence.

The fundamental meaning of studying the Aikido of Morihei Ueshiba, is to improve ourselves everyday. We do so by training in the arts of the Founder, not to improve our skills, but to develop our character. We do not train to fight, for that goal is not worthy of our true efforts. We remain confident that our devotion to the welfare of ourselves, our family and our friends, will give us the strength and power necessary to meet any challenge.

So, be at Peace in this Yuletide season, and experience true bliss in the relationships you have. And may your preparations for 2014 result in even greater achievements, and for measurable progress towards your most treasured of goals!

Francis Y Takahashi
Francis Takahashi
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